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10.10.99 "Mom, Dad Twirling lessons paid off!!!"

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Hi Mom! Hi Dad!!! Hi Woofie!!! how are you guys dooooin???  Just thought I'd write ya' 'n say how much everyone is loooving my twirling here at the university college ballgames!!! I get to wear the cutest little outfit and a lot of times these guys wearing funny Greek symbols on their shirts and hats with the bills bent always say cute things to me about my boobies!!! tee-hee, isnt that fun! anyway, everyone here likes me a whole lot and thinks that my outfit is really cute and that i should not wear the bottoms but i tell them that we have to because it is part of our uniform!!! tee hee!!! Everyone really likes my outfit a lot! when i come home, ill show it to you guys, im having fun at college, wish you were here!!!